App Apprehension

Did you happen to see the Pew Research released this week that showed people open less than five apps per week? And, Nielson data shows that one in five of the top 50 apps every month is new to the list, meaning consumers are constantly presented “discoverable” new apps. (Discoverable, meaning that they don’t have […]

New NIV Study Bible App

Check out this video for the new NIV Study Bible app, which became the seventh highest grossing book app in less than 48 hours. And here’s a reader’s review (@geekrev) that makes it easy to see all the functionality: What’s working for you in this app? Or how would you like us to improve it?

11 from 11 –> Apps

These are some of the best apps for iOS and Android that released in 2011, in my opinion. Not many were released in productivity that weren’t already available in prior years, and some of these will negatively impact your productivity, but they sure are fun. Super 8 – Great alignment of useful + free + […]

Bootstrapping Your Content

In the post “Is Content King?” I posited that content is in fact king, citing the ultimate “content-monetization” example of the very rich NFL and NBA broadcast licensing deals. But what about content with less demand? Surely there are diminishing returns, at least from the networks and distributors’ perspective, right? Let’s look at some smaller fish… The […]

Is Content King?

You may remember from a few months ago that both the NFL Players Association and the NBA Players Association had organized labor strikes this season, disrupting the NFL’s typical pre-season practice regimen and truncating the NBA season. What you may not know is that the networks were on the hook to pay the broadcast licensing […]

The Color Purple

This is just a quick observation about the great American melting pot. I don’t have time to do a bunch of research to understand the full historical context, but as I watched the Iowa caucus results come in and saw the leading two candidates separated by only eight votes, I was reminded of how evenly […]

11 from 11 –> Music

While we wait for the Recording Industry Association of America to release the 2011 music sales data, I thought I’d share my favorite 11 albums from 2011. I use the word “album” like we all do now, because of the decline of CD sales and growth of digital music, but also because I think albums […]

New New Years Resolutions

Maybe Bono said it best when he penned the couplet, “All is quiet on New Year’s Day, nothing changes on New Year’s Day.” He knows people for the most part don’t really change on January first, which is saying a lot because Bono is an optimist. I think it was Mark Twain who said with […]