The Pain of Change

Change is hard. If you’re the change agent, it’s difficult to change the “old guard,” who are “set in their ways,” and “don’t get where it’s all going.” And, if you’re one of the ones they’re trying to change, it’s most certainly difficult, with those “newfangled big shots” who seem like “all hat and no […]

The Genius of Jesus’ Marketing Plan

There are plenty of books, blogs and sermons about how Jesus and the church need new marketing. This is not that. This is more the observation that Jesus himself, son of God, is a brilliant marketer. And, before you consider this irreverent, please read on and consider. More often than they’d like to admit (or […]

Five Full Days & Nights of My Life, Gone

I remember a few years ago seeing in a Best Buy circular, an ad for five robust DVD box sets, each with a full season of Fox’s “24”, starring Keifer Sutherland. That was a show my wife and I watched weekly at that point. There all five seasons were, in product “hero shots,” lined up […]

Digital Drivel or Analog Art?

The Grammys awards had a pretty good string of live performances this year, and a great thematic, subtextual message emerged. There were certainly some of the usual flashy getups and hair colors performing and in attendance, but many of those that won last year could have been “flavors of the month,” as good, old-fashioned artistry […]