Learning Scalability

This past Easter weekend I was at my in-laws, and on Saturday I woke up before the others and began making myself a cappuccino. Just as I finished my best barista prep, my wife walked into the kitchen so I gave her that one and started another for me. As I neared the completion of […]

Mad men Business Lesson: Stable Stifles Innovation

In the season five premiere last week, Pete Campbell (played by Vincent Kartheiser) had a great line (written by Matthew Weiner) . Campbell said, “Stable is that step backwards between successful and failing.” Pete’s point is that when the company hits a certain level of success, it fears losing what it’s built up for itself, […]

Publishing’s Kodak Moment

Remember when “pulling an OJ” meant sprinting through the airport to catch a plane (with the former running back shown in that Hertz commercial)? In the same way, a “Kodak moment” used to mean snapping a photo to capture a memory. But not any more. As you likely know, Kodak declared bankruptcy. Kodak’s behavior or […]

Analog Books

I really like my e-reader and tablet, but I love, love, love, love, love “analog” books. I found this wonderful short film clip about the craft, and just have to share it. (click here to watch.) After you watch it, make a promise to yourself to go to an actual brick and mortar store that […]

Top 10 List: Business, Leadership & Innovation Books

I read a lot. Fiction and non-fiction, kids’ books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and social network musings. A lot. I read the copy in ads for products not targeted at me. I read signage at stores and on wayfinding systems. I even read those brochures about local tourist stuff that are perched on that rack near […]