NBC Olympic Fail… Not!


You may have seen or heard about all the #NBCfail buzz on Twitter or heard that Twitter suspended independent London newspaper reporter Guy Adams’ Twitter account for being very critical of NBC tape-delaying coverage of the Olympics and tweeting the name and email of an NBC executive. Certainly, NBC has had some goofs. Last night’s primetime broadcast even had Bob Costas teasing Missy Franklin’s gold metal win in the Women’s 200M freestyle race a few minutes BEFORE the race was shown on the network.

NBC is surely an easy target after going from “Must See TV” to airing years of programming that begets lame ratings, but their Olympics delayed coverage strategy seems to be working. In Fact, they have broken previous Olympics ratings records, with five million more viewers than Beijing, and over a million more than the previous highest-rated games in Atlanta in 1996. Of course people can easily get access to the games’ results in almost real time, via social media and even traditional media. But only 3% of Americans don’t have a TV and 90% of households have cable or satellite service, according to Nielsen.

So give poor old NBC a break. They could be a little more tidy on not goofing up the promos, but they are simply trying to maximize revenue and profits after paying 1.18 BILLION DOLLARS for the rights to the 2012 games, not including all the cost of production and on air talent. They are curating content and telling great human interest stories and, it’s working. You’re watching it. That’s why their ratings are up.

They needn’t appease the vocal minority. Do you agree?


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