I’m with my family driving back from Christmas with my wife’s parents and it occurs to me that our beloved Redskins are playing arch rival Dallas Cowboys in Sunday night football tonight in what is essentially a playoff game for the division title. We should be home in plenty of time to unpack, pick up the dog and even do the laundry and get other household chores done before kickoff. And, given that the kids don’t return to school till a week from tomorrow, and that they’ve been up late for the last week, and that they will surely stay up a little late tomorrow night for New Year’s Eve, I figure it’s a no-brainer that my wife will agree that it’s okay for my older son to stay up late tonight for the first half of the game.

Fortunately, my instinct to spend time with my son is followed by my instinct to check with my wife to see if she’s okay with him staying up a little late to watch the first half of the game. That should help my marriage relationship and also model the right behavior. This is all going to be great. For a second, I’m proud of the fact that I’ve worked all this out in my head and am being the right kind of husband, father and generally pretty good human being (despite we’re missing church due to the drive home).

But I only got it half right at best, because when this all occurred to me, what I chose to do is grab my phone to get this down as a blog entry, prioritizing that over talking it through with her first. (Part of an effort to actually blog more often than once a quarter.) So I’ll hit submit now (and get the blog entry!) and then immediately talk it through with her and let you know in a blog entry tomorrow how it ended up. As a leadership principle, clearly it is more important that she and I are aligned and have a “united front” before declaring any individual positions in front of the kids. Stay tuned…

Is it okay I’m blogging this play-by-play of my most private relationship? Is this transparency/authenticity or gratuitous?



  1. I guess the topic at hand was pretty innocuous – so not such a big deal. But what really matters is whether your wife minds you blogging about such matters. If she’s easy-going, then sure, why not? But if you start writing about more personal issues, she might have a different response.

    • Annie, Thanks for the comment. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this blog. I appreciate your insight and surely agree with your perspective. Have a great week!

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