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Please Don’t Drop Your ‘T’


Every once and awhile you can post a gripe, right? Here goes…

I remember the first time I hired someone that was born in the decade that I graduated from high school. It kind of freaked me out… “Can I be that old?” Soon thereafter I’m sure I was whining about how when I was a kid we had to walk to school… up hill… in the snow… both directions!

Well, I guess we all ultimately become our parents, and I don’t want to be too predictable in my aging process, but there is one thing I am willing to look like an old fogy for championing–enunciation.

I cannot stand how people these days drop their ‘T’s from words such as “button” (“buh-in”). Enunciate. Unless you’re a hip hop artist.

As I see it, there are only five legitimate times you can drop your T:

1) When saying “often” (“offin”)
2) On a par 3 in golf
3) When you disrobe your undershirt
4) If you are a Beatles logo*
5) When someone startles you
in England at 4PM

Did you get those jokes in 2-5?

Any more ideas on legitimate T-dropping?

Does this lazy enunciation trend bother you too?

Any other pet peeves?

*Perhaps the dropped T in the “Beatles” logo is because of the cockney accent?