Please Don’t Drop Your ‘T’


Every once and awhile you can post a gripe, right? Here goes…

I remember the first time I hired someone that was born in the decade that I graduated from high school. It kind of freaked me out… “Can I be that old?” Soon thereafter I’m sure I was whining about how when I was a kid we had to walk to school… up hill… in the snow… both directions!

Well, I guess we all ultimately become our parents, and I don’t want to be too predictable in my aging process, but there is one thing I am willing to look like an old fogy for championing–enunciation.

I cannot stand how people these days drop their ‘T’s from words such as “button” (“buh-in”). Enunciate. Unless you’re a hip hop artist.

As I see it, there are only five legitimate times you can drop your T:

1) When saying “often” (“offin”)
2) On a par 3 in golf
3) When you disrobe your undershirt
4) If you are a Beatles logo*
5) When someone startles you
in England at 4PM

Did you get those jokes in 2-5?

Any more ideas on legitimate T-dropping?

Does this lazy enunciation trend bother you too?

Any other pet peeves?

*Perhaps the dropped T in the “Beatles” logo is because of the cockney accent?



  1. Tracy Hoexter says:

    My peeve is when you say “thank you” to a “youngster” and they reply “no problem”. Really?! Was my purchase (etc) viewed as a problem to you? And you are willing to forgive me for my transgression? Think it through! End of rant.

  2. One of my pet peeves is “wanna” instead of “want to” or “gonna” instead of “going to”. I even saw “wanna” in the lyrics of a song at church! It made me not want to sing it.

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