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4 Benefits to Turning Your iPhone Sideways


Here are some easy benefits you get simply by turning your iPhone sideways:

  1. Your keyboard gets bigger (which decreases typos made by errant or fat thumbs). This works in any app that uses the keyboard.
  2. Vertical (for Barbie-sized fingers) 20130829-011535.jpg

    Horizontal (for human fingers)

  3. Your video looks like video. When you shoot video, pivot your iPhone so it’s horizontal because that’s the shape of your TV at home, unless your TV is turned sideways like the flight board screens at the airport. If you don’t turn it sideways when you shoot video, your video will look like a postage stamp when you (someday) play it on your TV. NOTE: Don’t do this when you’re shooting video in Vine or Instagram, because the aspect ratio in those apps is 1:1 (square).
  4. Your fonts & images are 50% bigger (on iPhone 5 & 33% bigger on iPhone 4). This makes it easier to read emails, websites, etc. Want it even bigger than that? Double tap any paragraph or image to “zoom in.”
  5. You can read sideways in bed. Just double-click the circular “home” button slide the four apps on the bottom to the right and tap the grey “circular” arrow icon, which will “lock” the screen in whatever orientation you currently have it in. Then when you lay sideways the screen will stay oriented the way you had it, rather than automatically reorienting. You can also turn the “mute” switch by the volume buttons into a “screen lock” toggle in Settings.

Are those helpful tips? Have any others worth sharing?


12 iPhone Battery Life Extenders


Sick of that big battery case or carrying a power supply cord around with you all day? These tricks have gotten me through almost every day for the last seven years with the exception of some long days that turn into nights in NYC where your iPhone fights to get past thousands of concrete and steel skyscrapers and 9 million other iPhones.

So here are ideas to “stretch” that battery:

  1. Fetch, Don’t Push. Set email to “Fetch” every 15 minutes rather than “Push” in real time. Do this in Settings/MailContactsCalendars/FetchNewData/Every15Minutes and also turn “Push” off in that same section [Click “Advanced” if you still want to “push” one email acct (such as work email) but not others (such as gmail).]
  2. Set “New Mail” Sound to “None” in Settings/Sounds (You shouldn’t check mail like a text message anyway.)
  3. Set “Sent Mail” Sound to “None” in Settings/Sounds (You don’t need a sound to know it went out, but if it makes you feel better, skip this one.)
  4. Set “Facebook Post” and/or Tweet” Sounds to “None” in Settings/Sounds (Your posts will still post.)
  5. Turn Down Brightness in Settings/BrightnessAndWallpaper (You can see everything fine even if you set it almost all the way down, unless you’re in the sun on a beach where you shouldn’t be working anyway.)
  6. Turn Off Blue Tooth in Settings/BlueTooth (You don’t look good with that thing on your ear anyway.)
  7. Turn Off Photo Stream in Settings/Photos&Camera (Uncheck both “My Photo Stream” & “Shared Photo Stream.” BTW, you can always do this when you are in WiFi, which also saves you bandwidth and money in your data plan.)
  8. Turn off WiFi when you’re not in a place with WiFi (Your phone constantly searches for WiFi if its left on.)
  9. Turn the Ringer Volume Down unless you’re setting your phone down in a big house or office (where you can keep it plugged in). If you’re in a loud place, just set it on vibrate and use no volume.
  10. Turn off “Vibrate on Ring” in Settings/Sounds (This does not turn off vibrate when you have it in silent mode, and there’s no need to have it both ring and vibrate.)
  11. Turn off “Keyboard Clicks” in Settings/Sounds.
  12. Use 3G or 2G to really extend your life, but just know that anything using data will slow to a 2007 original model iPhone crawl. (This one is really for if you basically want to use your iPhone mostly for old school voice calls and turn it back into a dumb phone by neutering its “smart phone” features, but it will dramatically save battery.)
  13. Baker’s Dozen Bonus: Turn on “Battery Percentage” to show next to the battery indicator icon exactly how much life you have. Do this in Settings/Usage.

So, there’s 12 iPhone battery life savers. You can even get through a transcontinental trip with a full day on either side of it, if you combine these tricks with turning your phone off during the actual flight time. During that time use your iPad–or read a book!

Any ideas you have for extending battery life?

iPhone & iPad Tricks: Press & Hold for Keyboard Shortcuts


While we wait for two new iPhone models to be announced in 10 days (and iOS 7 to come), I thought I would do a series of short posts sharing the little iPhone shortcuts I’ve picked up over the years. Here’s one…

When you need to type in “.com” “.net” or “.org” simply press and hold the “.” (period key) until this little pop-up menu appears then select the domain suffix of your choice.

You can also press & hold a number of other keys for shortcuts, such as:



Hope those little time savers are helpful. Stay tuned for more quick lessons in the coming days…

Do you know any iPhone shortcuts you wish to share?

How to Use iPhone & iPad Maps Without a Data Plan


With likely two new iPhones being announced on September 10, I thought I would spend the next two weeks (and maybe beyond as we await the actual product release) sharing a few little-known insights about how to maximize use of the iPhone and iPad.

This post show’s you how to use Google Maps without a data plan, which comes in handy if you use maps a lot and always go over your data plan, if you only have a wifi iPad, or if you are in a place with sketchy cell signals. I use this trick when traveling abroad (instead of the expensive int’l data plans), even when just walking within cities. Google even has indoor maps of some places!

Here’s how you do it:

1) Launch the Google Maps app and search to load the location you will be traveling

2) Now search “ok maps” which will cache the map you are looking at. (You will see a message that states “The on-screen map area has been cached”)

3) If you end up doing this a lot and end up caching most of the globe, you can periodically clear the cache in Settings/About Terms & Privacy/Clear Application Data.

(Note that Google’s Live Traffic and Explore features will only with if you’re on a data plan (or wifi, but you can’t travel very far with that).

Was this helpful?

Top 3 Advice on Social Media


I was recently encouraged to share what is working for me in social media, and I immediately thought “Me? Why?!” I am honestly just starting to feel less awkward in social media, but maybe that in and of itself might qualify me to offer some help. So, here are my three best points of advice:

1) Just do it.
(Apologies to Nike.) But seriously, just do it. You can’t learn it solely from reading a book or from sitting on the sidelines wondering how to do it. I really think the best way to get the hang of social media is to operate outside your comfort zone. You will feel stupid. You will feel insecure. You will make mistakes. But that’s no different than when you had to figure out relationships in high school or at an industry cocktail party. You have to figure out how to engage with other people and you have to figure out what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it and what you’re going to stand for.* But if you do all that while stuck in your head, you will come to regret missing out. And besides, other people feel the same way. So, just do it.

2) Be real.
It’s what they call ‘authenticity.’ People will sniff out if you’re posing, and if sometime later you reread things you posted where you lack authenticity, you will be embarrassed about how juvenile you were. So, just be yourself, or you will regret it. But if you do accidentally ‘pose’ and come to regret it, just keep moving forward. (It still happens to me!) Don’t dwell on the past. You’re getting the hang of this. So, be real.

3) Listen, don’t just talk.
God gave you two ears and only one mouth, suggesting perhaps that you should observe and understand others twice as much as you push whatever it is you are interested in sharing. Again, think of how this works in the real world. Do you talk and not listen with your spouse or significant other? How about with your colleagues at work? If so, how’s that working out for you? So be careful to like/favorite/❤ and comment on others’ posts at least as often as you “self-actualize” or spam out your own agenda, whether it’s personal or work-related. Remember, listen, don’t just talk.

Bonus) Mix business with pleasure.
This seemed really weird to me at first. I remember seeing a business colleague sharing pictures of his kids and thinking that was unprofessional and weird. But I have come to realize that it is not. Just like I am interested in people more than their propaganda, they are also interested in me before they are interested in what I want to share. It feels weird, but go ahead and mix business with pleasure.

So that’s my top three pieces of advice on social media and one bonus item. Agree or disagree? Anything to add?

*Apologies to my editorial staff for ending a sentence with a preposition.