4 Benefits to Turning Your iPhone Sideways

Here are some easy benefits you get simply by turning your iPhone sideways: Your keyboard gets bigger (which decreases typos made by errant or fat thumbs). This works in any app that uses the keyboard. Vertical (for Barbie-sized fingers) Horizontal (for human fingers) Your video looks like video. When you shoot video, pivot your iPhone […]

12 iPhone Battery Life Extenders

Sick of that big battery case or carrying a power supply cord around with you all day? These tricks have gotten me through almost every day for the last seven years with the exception of some long days that turn into nights in NYC where your iPhone fights to get past thousands of concrete and […]

iPhone & iPad Tricks: Press & Hold for Keyboard Shortcuts

While we wait for two new iPhone models to be announced in 10 days (and iOS 7 to come), I thought I would do a series of short posts sharing the little iPhone shortcuts I’ve picked up over the years. Here’s one… When you need to type in “.com” “.net” or “.org” simply press and […]

How to Use iPhone & iPad Maps Without a Data Plan

With likely two new iPhones being announced on September 10, I thought I would spend the next two weeks (and maybe beyond as we await the actual product release) sharing a few little-known insights about how to maximize use of the iPhone and iPad. This post show’s you how to use Google Maps without a […]

Top 3 Advice on Social Media

I was recently encouraged to share what is working for me in social media, and I immediately thought “Me? Why?!” I am honestly just starting to feel less awkward in social media, but maybe that in and of itself might qualify me to offer some help. So, here are my three best points of advice: […]