Top 3 Advice on Social Media


I was recently encouraged to share what is working for me in social media, and I immediately thought “Me? Why?!” I am honestly just starting to feel less awkward in social media, but maybe that in and of itself might qualify me to offer some help. So, here are my three best points of advice:

1) Just do it.
(Apologies to Nike.) But seriously, just do it. You can’t learn it solely from reading a book or from sitting on the sidelines wondering how to do it. I really think the best way to get the hang of social media is to operate outside your comfort zone. You will feel stupid. You will feel insecure. You will make mistakes. But that’s no different than when you had to figure out relationships in high school or at an industry cocktail party. You have to figure out how to engage with other people and you have to figure out what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it and what you’re going to stand for.* But if you do all that while stuck in your head, you will come to regret missing out. And besides, other people feel the same way. So, just do it.

2) Be real.
It’s what they call ‘authenticity.’ People will sniff out if you’re posing, and if sometime later you reread things you posted where you lack authenticity, you will be embarrassed about how juvenile you were. So, just be yourself, or you will regret it. But if you do accidentally ‘pose’ and come to regret it, just keep moving forward. (It still happens to me!) Don’t dwell on the past. You’re getting the hang of this. So, be real.

3) Listen, don’t just talk.
God gave you two ears and only one mouth, suggesting perhaps that you should observe and understand others twice as much as you push whatever it is you are interested in sharing. Again, think of how this works in the real world. Do you talk and not listen with your spouse or significant other? How about with your colleagues at work? If so, how’s that working out for you? So be careful to like/favorite/❤ and comment on others’ posts at least as often as you “self-actualize” or spam out your own agenda, whether it’s personal or work-related. Remember, listen, don’t just talk.

Bonus) Mix business with pleasure.
This seemed really weird to me at first. I remember seeing a business colleague sharing pictures of his kids and thinking that was unprofessional and weird. But I have come to realize that it is not. Just like I am interested in people more than their propaganda, they are also interested in me before they are interested in what I want to share. It feels weird, but go ahead and mix business with pleasure.

So that’s my top three pieces of advice on social media and one bonus item. Agree or disagree? Anything to add?

*Apologies to my editorial staff for ending a sentence with a preposition.


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