How to Use iPhone & iPad Maps Without a Data Plan


With likely two new iPhones being announced on September 10, I thought I would spend the next two weeks (and maybe beyond as we await the actual product release) sharing a few little-known insights about how to maximize use of the iPhone and iPad.

This post show’s you how to use Google Maps without a data plan, which comes in handy if you use maps a lot and always go over your data plan, if you only have a wifi iPad, or if you are in a place with sketchy cell signals. I use this trick when traveling abroad (instead of the expensive int’l data plans), even when just walking within cities. Google even has indoor maps of some places!

Here’s how you do it:

1) Launch the Google Maps app and search to load the location you will be traveling

2) Now search “ok maps” which will cache the map you are looking at. (You will see a message that states “The on-screen map area has been cached”)

3) If you end up doing this a lot and end up caching most of the globe, you can periodically clear the cache in Settings/About Terms & Privacy/Clear Application Data.

(Note that Google’s Live Traffic and Explore features will only with if you’re on a data plan (or wifi, but you can’t travel very far with that).

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