12 iPhone Battery Life Extenders


Sick of that big battery case or carrying a power supply cord around with you all day? These tricks have gotten me through almost every day for the last seven years with the exception of some long days that turn into nights in NYC where your iPhone fights to get past thousands of concrete and steel skyscrapers and 9 million other iPhones.

So here are ideas to “stretch” that battery:

  1. Fetch, Don’t Push. Set email to “Fetch” every 15 minutes rather than “Push” in real time. Do this in Settings/MailContactsCalendars/FetchNewData/Every15Minutes and also turn “Push” off in that same section [Click “Advanced” if you still want to “push” one email acct (such as work email) but not others (such as gmail).]
  2. Set “New Mail” Sound to “None” in Settings/Sounds (You shouldn’t check mail like a text message anyway.)
  3. Set “Sent Mail” Sound to “None” in Settings/Sounds (You don’t need a sound to know it went out, but if it makes you feel better, skip this one.)
  4. Set “Facebook Post” and/or Tweet” Sounds to “None” in Settings/Sounds (Your posts will still post.)
  5. Turn Down Brightness in Settings/BrightnessAndWallpaper (You can see everything fine even if you set it almost all the way down, unless you’re in the sun on a beach where you shouldn’t be working anyway.)
  6. Turn Off Blue Tooth in Settings/BlueTooth (You don’t look good with that thing on your ear anyway.)
  7. Turn Off Photo Stream in Settings/Photos&Camera (Uncheck both “My Photo Stream” & “Shared Photo Stream.” BTW, you can always do this when you are in WiFi, which also saves you bandwidth and money in your data plan.)
  8. Turn off WiFi when you’re not in a place with WiFi (Your phone constantly searches for WiFi if its left on.)
  9. Turn the Ringer Volume Down unless you’re setting your phone down in a big house or office (where you can keep it plugged in). If you’re in a loud place, just set it on vibrate and use no volume.
  10. Turn off “Vibrate on Ring” in Settings/Sounds (This does not turn off vibrate when you have it in silent mode, and there’s no need to have it both ring and vibrate.)
  11. Turn off “Keyboard Clicks” in Settings/Sounds.
  12. Use 3G or 2G to really extend your life, but just know that anything using data will slow to a 2007 original model iPhone crawl. (This one is really for if you basically want to use your iPhone mostly for old school voice calls and turn it back into a dumb phone by neutering its “smart phone” features, but it will dramatically save battery.)
  13. Baker’s Dozen Bonus: Turn on “Battery Percentage” to show next to the battery indicator icon exactly how much life you have. Do this in Settings/Usage.

So, there’s 12 iPhone battery life savers. You can even get through a transcontinental trip with a full day on either side of it, if you combine these tricks with turning your phone off during the actual flight time. During that time use your iPad–or read a book!

Any ideas you have for extending battery life?



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