4 Benefits to Turning Your iPhone Sideways


Here are some easy benefits you get simply by turning your iPhone sideways:

  1. Your keyboard gets bigger (which decreases typos made by errant or fat thumbs). This works in any app that uses the keyboard.
  2. Vertical (for Barbie-sized fingers) 20130829-011535.jpg

    Horizontal (for human fingers)

  3. Your video looks like video. When you shoot video, pivot your iPhone so it’s horizontal because that’s the shape of your TV at home, unless your TV is turned sideways like the flight board screens at the airport. If you don’t turn it sideways when you shoot video, your video will look like a postage stamp when you (someday) play it on your TV. NOTE: Don’t do this when you’re shooting video in Vine or Instagram, because the aspect ratio in those apps is 1:1 (square).
  4. Your fonts & images are 50% bigger (on iPhone 5 & 33% bigger on iPhone 4). This makes it easier to read emails, websites, etc. Want it even bigger than that? Double tap any paragraph or image to “zoom in.”
  5. You can read sideways in bed. Just double-click the circular “home” button slide the four apps on the bottom to the right and tap the grey “circular” arrow icon, which will “lock” the screen in whatever orientation you currently have it in. Then when you lay sideways the screen will stay oriented the way you had it, rather than automatically reorienting. You can also turn the “mute” switch by the volume buttons into a “screen lock” toggle in Settings.

Are those helpful tips? Have any others worth sharing?


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