Battle Map of The War on Piracy


If you’re an author or artist, would you rather make your work available exclusively at one location? Or everywhere? Do you want people to share it? How much control do you want about how people share it? Should you use Digital Rights Management?

This handy infographic that provides a snapshot of the current battle map of the war on piracy. It may help you think through your position on Digital Rights Management.

If you’re a publisher or producer, should you make your content available only on your own proprietary platform, hold your breath and hope that you gather the most eyeballs and associated revenue? Or make it ubiquitous, and risk turning it into a commodity?

If you’re a author or artist, you might consider pretending you’re a publisher or producer, and answer the question again. And vice versa. Would you have a different position on the matter?

Does this infographic help you figure out your position or give you analysis paralysis?

What say you?


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