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How to Replace Twitter Hearts with Any Emoji 

As you may know, Twitter replaced their star icon (favorites) with a heart, citing that it is a more universal and intuitively understood and accepted icon. And, that people will tend to press ‘like more’ often than they press ‘favorite.’

If you don’t like the heart, you can change it into any icon you want. Here’s how: 

  1. Download the Stylish plugin for Chrome or Firefox
  2. Paste the code on the bottom of this post into the main window.
  3. Type the emoji you want between the ‘ ’ that appears right after the word “content.”
  4. Type “” in the “Applies to” field under the code and press the “save” button. 

Here’s the code you’ll cut and paste:

.HeartAnimationContainer {

visibility: hidden;


.HeartAnimationContainer:after {

content: ‘ ’;

visibility: visible;

display: block;

position: absolute;