Monthly Archives: December 2015

7 Things Done Well in Star Wars VII 

The Force Awakens is pitch perfect. It successfully balances the treasures of the franchise’s history with very cool new characters, gadgets and locations. Here are seven nice touches I really appreciate: 

  1. Restores Your Faith Right From The Opening. Although I miss the 20th Century Fox fanfare, I appreciate the studio executives’ restraint of not putting the Disney title card in front of the Lucasfilm title card. Right from the start, we get right into the Star Wars brand promise and what we all love about the franchise. Nothing impedes the story. But yet Continue reading

Christmas Commercial

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we can tend to over commercialize Christmas. It happens to all of us. 

Maybe it’s those cute whatevers we thoughtfully buy for our kids or friends… Or that too-good-to-pass-up Continue reading