What’s So Special About Today?

IMG_1766My wedding date is easy to remember…2/22/92. So, today marks 24 superb years with the completely amazing Dana Brown. If you were at my wedding, you might recall two cakes, because we got married on my Mom’s 50th birthday. Yes, we had both a wedding cake and a birthday cake. That makes for a fun factoid, sure, but the date gets more special.

Any sceptic could observe that people are obviously in control of selecting things like their wedding dates and IMG_1745we could have easily aligned our wedding to an existing birthday. To the skeptics: What bride would want to split the focus of their big day with their mother-in-law-to-be? Mine! If you know her, you have likely experienced her selflessness and grace.

Here’s why those dates aligned… We wanted to marry on a Saturday, and we wanted to squeeze our wedding between grad school quarters/semesters. The Saturday the prior week didn’t work because florists said to stay away from Valentine’s Day if you want good flowers and IMG_1734service. (Seriously.) The next Saturday was Feb 29 (’92 was a leap year), and what bride wants to wait 100 years for her silver anniversary? Wedding anniversaries should occur more often than the World Cup & Winter Olympics. So, we settled on 2/22/92 and married on my mom’s 50th birthday. But wait, there’s more!

Of all the 24 anniversaries we’ve celebrated, both Dana and I agree that there is one anniversary gift we received IMG_1928over the years that is most certainly our favorite. You see, when we were celebrating our 16th anniversary eight years ago, Dana gave birth to our third (and so far, youngest) child. I could go on with his name and why he has that name and why all three of our children have the very intentional names they have… another time.

Today is a date on which three lives began: My Mom’s 74 years ago, my son’s eight years ago and mine 24 years ago when I married my amazing wife. Today is a day that makes it easy to see what is true everyday—That I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I am humbled. I am awestruck. I am grateful. I marvel at the mystery of how God aligned these three occasions, and it is a privilege to be a part of these three incredible people’s lives.



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