The hashtag #GraduationAdviceIn3Words was trending on Twitter this morning and was full of sarcastic jokes. I love a good joke (and am known to be sarcastic at times) but I felt compelled to offer some actual useful advice and it just kept rolling out. Someone suggested to put them all in one place, so here they are, in no particular order: 

Lead Like Crazy Don’t complain, offer solutions—The world needs strong servant leaders & you can be one of them

Offer Wise Counsel Knowledge & wisdom are not the same—Help others think thru problems with advice & you’ll rise

Never Stop Learning School isn’t the end but the beginning—Learning shouldn’t cease—Your company may fund continuing education

Always Stay Curious Deliver on the company’s agenda but also question existing rote activities—Your instinct is likely right

Boldly Offer Vision Without vision, people perish & companies do too—You offer a new perspective & innovation—So lead

Work Really Hard Show your value by producing, not talking—Then you outperform & can seek promotion & raises

Add Value Often Shift from seeing things from your perspective—Try to offer work & ideas that help your employer

Help Other People When you help people get what they want you get what you want in return

So that’s my #GraduationAdviceIn3Words

Do you have any #GraduationAdviceIn3Words?


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