Agency and Consulting Work

I run a media and literary agency called Proper Media which I started in 2001 and reopened when I left HarperCollins. Please allow me to tell you why I called it Proper Media.

Most agencies recommend to their clients media and services that run up media buying agency commissions and fees to pay for their bloated payrolls and expensive equipment. We don’t do that at Proper Media.

At Proper Media, we don’t have a bloated staff and our offices aren’t loaded with costly gear in expensive high-rises in Manhattan, San Francisco, L.A., Miami or Chicago. We have a lean staff and a huge network of ‘best-of-breed’ professionals that I have worked with for many years. We work together well on all kinds of projects for highly satisfied clients. I run Proper Media this way because I never want to be in the position of selling our clients things they don’t need. To be honest, I personally love the thrill of helping other people grow all kinds of businesses and not-for-profit organizations, and feel incredibly blessed to have such diverse experience working for and with leading brands in multiple industries.

Our Process — Listen & Accurately Diagnose the Problem

First, at Proper Media we listen. In my experience, about one in three of all clients and prospects come to us with a solid diagnosis of their problems, and a relatively clear vision for what they need, and they articulate it well. The other two-thirds either aren’t sure what they need at all, or they‘be identified an issue, but recognize they need objective insight and help from an outside source.

Whichever predicament you’re in, you can leverage my experience in media, entertainment, publishing, technology, consumer products, education, government and not-for-profit sectors to pinpoint what you need and get to work delivering on the right solution.

Understand Each Client’s Need & Develop a Cogent Strategy

Having worked at start ups, private companies, public companies, a Fortune 50 company (I worked for Disney three times) and even two not-for-profits, that experience and working with Proper Media clients has prepared me to be able to develop strategies to effectively address problems for clients. Once we have the strategy, we move to tactics, marketing plans and media plans.

So, which media do you think we recommend? TV? Radio? Outdoor? Print? Direct mail? Email? Social? Event marketing? B-to-B partnerships? Guerrilla tactics? Stunt marketing? Word of mouth campaigns? We recommend the media that most delivers success on the strategies we develop for each specific client. We recommend the proper media. That is why the company is called Proper Media.

Recommend the Proper Media

We develop content and marketing, executing the strategies through the media and channels that most achieve our clients’ goals and deliver the most positive ROI. We assemble the team and resources that the strategies call for, so our clients don’t waste any money on things they don’t need, and instead grow their business and impact.

content + marketing
strategy + execution

Satisfied Clients in Diverse Industries and Circumstances

Proper Media serves clients such as Joe Gibbs Racing, Belkin Corp, PureAV, City of Santa Monica, Disher Design, YouVersion, eTeacher, Israel365, IFCJ, West Michigan Mental Health Association, Cuffies of Cape Cod, Tanaor Jewelry, Storyastic, Universal Studios, Disney Channel, ABC Family Channel and Disney Studios.

We develop branding and direct-response campaigns, work in all media, do B-to-B and B-to-C marketing, help companies and entrepreneurs develop products, forge business development and even help companies shape their corporate culture and customer service, leveraging mine and my wife, Dana’s experience working for Disney Theme Parks, Disney Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering.

(Please note that although I do represent select authors as their literary agent, I do not accept unsolicitied manuscripts, proposals or other speculative intellectual property from people I don’t yet know. So, if you are an author interested in help, just send me a query letter for now.)

How Can We Serve You?

If you think I may be able to help you grow your company, you can read my bio on the about page of this site, you can check out my professional experience on Linked In, and you can reach out to me through twitter or LinkedIn, or shoot me a note via the form below. (We use the form so robots can’t sniff out email addresses and phone numbers off our web pages and spam us, which would take up valuable time we could be using to help our clients.)

I look forward to hearing from you!