Should You Buy an Apple Watch?

I bought my first Mac in 1987 and have purchased dozens since. I bought two of the first edition iPhones the day they released on June 29, 2007 (for me and my wife), and I purchased at least one iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 shortly after they released. (I […]

Throngs of Diffidence: All About the U2 + Apple Deal

This story is about the business of the U2/Apple/Universal Music deal for the free digital release of Songs of Innocence. My Songs of Innocence album review is here. This story is 2300 words long, not my usual “about 300.” Why’d I title this “Throngs of Diffidence?” Because “diffidence” means “lack of self-confidence” and Bono threw out a few […]

Business (and Life) Lessons from the World Cup (and my Dad & Son)

In watching the World Cup and my son’s traveling soccer games, I’ve come to realize that a look at the basic differences between offense and defense gives insight on human behavior and personalities that we can all use in business, as well as life in general. In this exercise, players on offense might be executives, marketers, salespeople, creatives […]

Please Don’t Drop Your ‘T’

Every once and awhile you can post a gripe, right? Here goes… I remember the first time I hired someone that was born in the decade that I graduated from high school. It kind of freaked me out… “Can I be that old?” Soon thereafter I’m sure I was whining about how when I was […]


I’m with my family driving back from Christmas with my wife’s parents and it occurs to me that our beloved Redskins are playing arch rival Dallas Cowboys in Sunday night football tonight in what is essentially a playoff game for the division title. We should be home in plenty of time to unpack, pick up […]

Learning Scalability

This past Easter weekend I was at my in-laws, and on Saturday I woke up before the others and began making myself a cappuccino. Just as I finished my best barista prep, my wife walked into the kitchen so I gave her that one and started another for me. As I neared the completion of […]

Top 10 List: Business, Leadership & Innovation Books

I read a lot. Fiction and non-fiction, kids’ books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and social network musings. A lot. I read the copy in ads for products not targeted at me. I read signage at stores and on wayfinding systems. I even read those brochures about local tourist stuff that are perched on that rack near […]

Bootstrapping Your Content

In the post “Is Content King?” I posited that content is in fact king, citing the ultimate “content-monetization” example of the very rich NFL and NBA broadcast licensing deals. But what about content with less demand? Surely there are diminishing returns, at least from the networks and distributors’ perspective, right? Let’s look at some smaller fish… The […]

New New Years Resolutions

Maybe Bono said it best when he penned the couplet, “All is quiet on New Year’s Day, nothing changes on New Year’s Day.” He knows people for the most part don’t really change on January first, which is saying a lot because Bono is an optimist. I think it was Mark Twain who said with […]