Business (and Life) Lessons from the World Cup (and my Dad & Son)

In watching the World Cup and my son’s traveling soccer games, I’ve come to realize that a look at the basic differences between offense and defense gives insight on human behavior and personalities that we can all use in business, as well as life in general. In this exercise, players on offense might be executives, marketers, salespeople, creatives […]

Bootstrapping Your Content

In the post “Is Content King?” I posited that content is in fact king, citing the ultimate “content-monetization” example of the very rich NFL and NBA broadcast licensing deals. But what about content with less demand? Surely there are diminishing returns, at least from the networks and distributors’ perspective, right? Let’s look at some smaller fish… The […]

New New Years Resolutions

Maybe Bono said it best when he penned the couplet, “All is quiet on New Year’s Day, nothing changes on New Year’s Day.” He knows people for the most part don’t really change on January first, which is saying a lot because Bono is an optimist. I think it was Mark Twain who said with […]