A Fun Gift Your People Actually Want

Christmas is only 13 days away. And, there’s only 20 days left in this decade!

This is the decade that brought us smart phones and tablets. In the past 10 years we’ve all surrendered thousands of hours to screen time, at the expense of “face time” with the people we rank as most important in our lives.

You’re likely giving several $20 gifts this Christmas. Why not give what those recipients want most from you––your time?

My wife Dana and I used our Disney and publishing experience to create THE RANK GAME to deliver really fun (and often funny) engagement between you and your people while also helping you learn a little more about each other. You get to share the things that you care about but you can’t actually win the game without considering what’s important to the other players too. The game has four different game modes, giving you options to use it as an ice breaker, a competitive game or pure entertainment.

With our doorbuster deals active through Sunday, you can gift THE RANK GAME to those people for as little as $20. You can actually get The Rank Game for only $15 if you buy eight copies! There are also four $15 standalone packs that work without the main game (good stocking stuffers).

No matter what version of the game you buy, you get a free downloadable Print & Play Christmas Pack of 44 topic cards (18 Christmas-related + 26 surprise topic cards), that you can print on your own printer and play right away, so you don’t have to wait for the physical game to come in the mail. That Print & Play deck even includes gift wrap so you can put it under the tree now.

You also get the advantage of having a really fun thing to do with your people that can keep the conversation off of hot button issues like divisive politics. THE RANK GAME is an “all-together” game, meaning that everybody plays all together at the same time, rather than everybody waiting on each person to take their turn.

So, let’s put our phones down for 30 minutes or so and play THE RANK GAME with each other so you can tech less and talk more.

You can get THE RANK GAME on our Kickstarter campaign at this link right now, at doorbuster prices till Sunday at 11:59pm eastern, with savings up to 60%, depending on which bundle you choose. If you’ve already purchased your copy, thank you! Please consider getting a copy or two to gift to a friend or family member.

Merry Christmas & have fun playing together!

Chip & Dana Brown

P.S. You’ll see on our Kickstarter page that we’re doing pretty well on our crowdfunding campaign, but we need more pledges to recoup our investment and help get THE RANK GAME out to more people, helping them be present with one another in authentic conversation. BTW, you can get the free Print & Play deck FOR FREE at every funding level on our crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign at this link, even if you only pledge $1.00.


Thriving Together During Your Thanksgiving Weekend

Some of you may be dreading certain aspects of your upcoming thanksgiving long weekend. You might be anticipating arguments about politics or people ignoring one another due to excessively checking cell phones.

One way to thrive this weekend is to play THE RANK GAME, the new all-together card game created to build relationships while having a ton of fun. My wife (a former Disney Imagineer) and I (former publisher and producer at Disney) are releasing for FREE, RIGHT NOW, a brand new Thanksgiving Download Deck so you and your family and friends can Talk More and Tech Less this weekend.

The Rank Game’s rules are easy. You just pick a card and start ranking. Whichever Guesser comes closest to the Ranker’s choices, wins! It couldn’t be simpler. This promotes great conversation and fun competition, because players get to share their favorite things, but can only win when they look at the topics from other peoples’ perspectives. This basic element defines the community-building power of THE RANK GAME. 

The Thanksgiving Download Deck is a set of 36 cards (ten Thanksgiving themed cards + 26 samples from all expansion packs), 18 score cards, Instruction Cards and a gift envelope. It is included FOR FREE at every funding level on our crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign at this link, even if you only pledge $1.00. You get it right away via email, and just print it out right on your home printer. That way you don’t have to wait to receive your shipped physical copy of The Rank Game.

You’ll see on our Kickstarter page that we’re doing pretty well on our crowdfunding campaign, but we need more pledges to help us get The Rank Game out to more people, helping them be present with one another in authentic conversation. If you don’t have the resources to help our Kickstarter, we’d like you to have the game anyway. You can download it at TheRankGame.com.

We hope this gives you, your family and your friends a simple and interactive way to put political differences aside and engage in positive, fun conversation around the dinner table.

Happy Thanksgiving & have fun playing together!

Chip & Dana

P.S. Please share this to your friends and family by forwarding it in an email or posting onto your social media accounts.

Wow. What a first 48 hours for THE RANK GAME

Wow! Thank you so much, friends and family! Just 48 hours into our 30 day Kickstarter campaign and THE RANK GAME has achieved its $10,000 Kickstarter goal.

We couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement of those of you that believe in the project enough to preorder your copy of the game.

We can’t wait for you to have THE RANK GAME to play with friends and family, having fun and connecting in person, without tech.

Many of you have already played THE RANK GAME in our play testing prototypes and you will be even more impressed with the quality of the mass production game. It’s already in production and we expect the mass production samples any day now. We’ll be sure to show you them soon!

In the meantime, we’ll be playing a modified version of THE RANK GAME right on instagram and facebook over the next few weeks, and would love for you to play along with us! So if you’re not already following @therankgame there, please do and we’ll play together!

One last thing… You May have guessed that we’ve spent way more than our stated $10,000 Kickstarter goal to develop and manufacture THE RANK GAME, so as we move through the remaining 28 days of the campaign we appreciate you sharing about it with your friends, in part so we can make our investment back, but mostly because we want to help as many people as possible connect with each other the way are made to—in person, face to face with belly laughs as we learn more about each other while playing together.

That’s the magic trick with THE RANK GAME, EVERYBODY who plays gets to share about themselves, but nobody can win without looking at things from the perspective of the other players.

Thanks for your support, thanks for sharing the link to our Kickstarter with as many people as you can, and let’s play together!

BTW, the $25 early-bird price is good till 11:59pm Sunday night, in case you want to let friends in on the early deals.

Here’s the link and it’s also in my bio:



Been awhile since I’ve posted here. I’ve been super busy with clients last few years but I’ve been more and more focused on starting something brand new that I think you will really enjoy!

It’s called THE RANK GAME. Over the last two years my wife and I have invested a ton of time and a fair amount of our savings to make this dream a reality, and we humbly request your support in the next day or so to help us get this off the ground. 

THE RANK GAME leverages Dana’s experience as a Walt Disney Imagineer and homeschool teacher, and my experience as producer and publisher at Disney Studios, HarperCollins, Zondervan and Thomas Nelson. The game engages the diverse backgrounds, interests, personalities and opinions of every player. 

Like social media, THE RANK GAME focuses on our individualism, but unlike it, our game brings people together in the real world, through fun, rich conversation and competition. 

Created for groups of all sizes, THE RANK GAME leverages our own social behaviors—ranking the things or experiences in our lives. For example, rank these vacation choices in your preferred order: 

                       A) beach
                       B) city
                       C) cruise
                       D) mountains

Your ranking might be different from mine, and we’re likely passionate about why. In THE RANK GAME, players must guess one another’s rankings to get points and win the game. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

THE RANK GAME is easy to play at home, on long car trips, on the beach, at a restaurant or bar…ANYWHERE! The game quickly gets people off their phones and TALKING with one another in eye-to-eye, real world gameplay. This results in people getting to know each other better. Friends, families, corporate groups and church groups use it to facilitate conversation and “break the ice” at social gatherings.

We are launching on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform TOMORROW (11/19) AT NOON EASTERN and we really need it to do well in the first two days.

We’re sure you’ll love playing THE RANK GAME and would greatly appreciate your support by buying a copy of the game tomorrow or Wednesday. If we can reach our goal in the first 48 hours of our campaign, the Kickstarter algorithms will begin to promote THE RANK GAME to the entire Kickstarter audience. Plus, if you buy in the first 48 hours, you can save 33%!(See after our signatures below for some more info about our Kickstarter.)

We’re asking for your “help” but of course you’ll be getting a great, fun new game that has done very well in two full years of exhaustive play testing with all ages and demographics!

Here are some ways you can help us: 

You can see what our packaging looks like, and watch a short video on our Kickstarter Page. I can’t wait for you to play THE RANK GAME!

Thank you so much for your support!

Chip & Dana Brown 

KEY INFO about our Kickstarter campaign:

  • If you’ve never purchased anything from Kickstarter, you’ll just have to set up a quick account with an email address. We’ll use that after the campaign ends to get your shipping address for sending your game out. 
  • You can help our Kickstarter most by buying THE RANK GAME tomorrow or Wednesday this week because if we have a lot of activity in the first two days of a campaign, Kickstarter begins promoting us. You also get that big Super Early Bird Discount. That said, if an extra $10 savings isn’t that big of a deal for you, you can also buy higher-priced product levels Tuesday and Wednesday to help us quickly get to our fundraising goal so that Kickstarter will promote us.
  • Also, one thing to keep in mind is that on Kickstarter you’re actually “pledging” to buy, and your credit card doesn’t even get charged until after our Kickstarter campaign ends on Dec. 19th, so you can actually pledge for a higher, more expensive reward level and change to a lower one next week anytime before Dec. 19th if you want to. 
  • If you don’t necessarily want a copy of the game but want to support us, you can also just pledge a small amount to help–Even $5 or $10 helps! 
  • By the way, our stated Kickstarter goal of $10,000 is way less than we’ve invested in this—It’s just a “best practice” on Kickstarter to put a smaller amount as a goal.

We’ve seen amazing success with play testing groups these past two years.
Most people who played THE RANK GAME want to buy expansion packs!